And so it begins


Tonight was my first class on the long road to my ballet exam. Technique was not on the agenda. But the old noggin was put to the test trying to decipher ballet terminology and timing having never seen this syllabus before. It is way harder than any suduko (not that I have ever done suduko but I’ve seen people struggling with theirs on the train)

Being able to speak French doesn’t help in the slightest and by the time you figure out the feet, you realise you forgot to add the arms. And then comes the timing….PUTAIN!

Needless to say in an hour long class we only got through 3 exercises. It may not seem like much but considering each exercise is at minimum 1.5 min long, this was quite an achievement. I instantly felt alive and the passion for dancing stirring inside me.  Learning is such an underestimated thrill!


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