Happy Feet


“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe

These are my pointe shoes. They have been part of my life for 16 years. Although they are showing their age, there is still a beauty about them, kind of like Michelle Phieffer minus the botox!

These shoes are made by the Russian brand ‘Grishko’. Which I’m certain translates to “expensive”, at $200 a pair when I (my nan) bought them. They are slightly cheaper now but still pricey. BUT….when you want the best ballet shoes, you go to the people who are the best at ballet, at that’s the Russians.  When it comes to Ballet and Vodka, never settle for anything less than Russian.

Although they are the cause of much pain and blisters, they also hold many fond memories. Time spent at the ballet store with my Nan, deciding whether to get these or one of the other 500 pairs I tried on. Nan spending hours darning the tops of my shoes so they wouldn’t fray too quickly. And the time before I went off to ballet summer camp. Nan was seeing where on my ankle to cut the ribbons of my new shoes. She had my foot in a vice like grip and as she’s measuring the ribbon, she says to me, without a change in her voice,  “and no skinny dipping while you’re at camp” and pulled the ribbon a little tighter. I almost fainted. A few months before, I had gone skinny dipping at my friends 13th birthday party. Still to this day, I have never discovered how she found out! I was stunned, but at the same time amazed that she managed to know all the things she shouldn’t have. Needless to say the only dipping I did at camp was of the clothed variety.

Alas, I can not wear these divine shoes anymore, they still fit, but are, what we ballerina’s call “broken”. The wood is so weak it no longer supports me when I’m on my toes. So it is time to get a new pair. It will be bittersweet because this will be the first pair of ballet shoes I’ve gotten without my Nan. But I’m sure she will lead me to the perfect pair that I can make new memories with…and that are hopefully cheaper ’cause I’m on a budget!


6 thoughts on “Happy Feet

  1. Katalina Siena Mafi-Tusitala says:

    Oh how wonderful to read such defined detail of your encounter with your nan.. Brought me to tears thinking how I would cherish moments with my nan when she passes. Good on you girl, keep these blogs coming because I love reading them. Oh and is there like a page I can go to to contribute funds in support of your quest in finding your ideal ballerina shoes? Let me know ❤️ Siena xx


  2. davies2africaSue Davies says:

    Every morning I read your WP address and now I’ve found you Marnie ….. It’s lovely to read your blog n see what you are up to. Hats off to you, I have a cousin who was a dancer for many years, and I remember all the practice and pain and FUN she had. You are a star!


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