All in the family


I am fortunate enough to belong to a family who owns a dance school. This is defintely a bonus when you are wanting to practice ballet and need help with your training. My grandmother and her sister started the school in Balmain around 70 odd years ago. My cousin now runs ‘Honeybrooks School of Dance’ and I am a teacher there. Thanks to dancing, we are a very close knit family.

The ranga in this picture is my cousin Jess. We have spent many hours at the studio over the years dancing together and as a result are very close. She doesnt hesitate when I ask her to help me with my ballet, either joining in with me or pushing my leg up to places a leg is not designed to reach (i think she also secretly enjoys inflicting pain on me as payback hahah).

Jess is a beautiful dancer, has great technique and a lovely dance quality. But, like me, was never the cookie cutter mold of a ballerina. My ample bottom and her ample top does not a ballerina make. Despite this, we find ourselves at dance class every week, slogging it out, not just because we are forced to (okay maybe a little, when it is your family business it’s hard to chuck a sickie) but simply because we are doing what we love!


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