Happy Hour at the Barre


This is our local. Our drink of choice is water, we get high off endorphins and at the end of class I am walking like a drunkard as my legs turn to jelly.

Each ballet class starts with “barre” work as a warm up for the rest of class. The term ‘warm up’ is misleading. Don’t let the smile on my face fool you, I am not enjoying myself! (I probably just made a mistake and had a chuckle). There is nothing easy about the barre! It is hard work and sometimes you wish the class ended then and there. But you have to psych yourself up and will your legs to get through the next sections of leaps, turns and pointe.

This is our Wednesday night ballet class. Between us there’s a lawyer, a uni student, a personal trainer, school teachers, and one school student. Although we lead very different lives, the thing that brings us together is ballet. Us “old girls” purely do ballet because we love it! (and because its great exercise).


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