Easy as Pie


This was my first ever attempt at making a pie. Sure, I’ve heated up my fair share of party pies, but never have I actually made a pie from scratch. I am not naturally gifted when it comes to the culinary arts, however, my pie received rave reviews from arguably the harshest food critic on the planet; my FATHER. So, it’s safe to say my chicken and leek pie is a ‘winner winner chicken dinner!’ *Disclaimer; although I techinically am not supposed to eat pastry…I did, because life’s too short to eat pastry free pie.*


puff pastry

600g chicken

1 leek

1 bulb of fennel


1/2-1/3 litre chicken stock

1/2 cream

tbsp garlic

1/2 tbsp- 1 tbsp Tarragon (or to taste)

2 tbsp cornflour or white flour



Roast chicken in oven with salt and pepper for 40mins or until cooked. shred and set aside.

Fry leeks, fennel and garlic together in a pan until soft. Add mushrooms and cook until soft.

Add half of the stock and shredded chicken and let simmer for 5-10mins- add some more stock if it evaporates.

Add tarragon and stir through, then add flour (make a little paste beforehand so it doesnt go lumpy in the pan)

Once thickened, add cream. Once it has reached pie sauce thickness turn off pan and add pie filling into lined pie dish. Egg wash pastry before baking.

Bake at 180 degrees until pastry is golden and cooked.




Leg warmers: Fact or Fiction?


Ballet is a very expensive sport/hobby/art/job. Not only do you need pointe shoes but you need demi pointes that are essentially broken pointe shoes and these ain’t cheap!  I just forked out $94 dollars for a new pair of demi’s and $8 for ribbons! Then, the pointes were $120 plus leotards that are around $45-$60, legwarmers $15 (not essential but they make you look legit) then tights at $16.95 a pop. Speaking of tights…

Last night at ballet, I was so excited to road test my new shoes that I completely forgot about my tights. Which would’ve been fine if I was a size two and it wasn’t winter. But alas my thunder buns were jiggling round in the freezing cold. And whilst I was wearing leg warmers, their name is very misleading and really they were just keeping my ankles warm.  In my whole dancing life I have never gone bare leg! My nan use to threaten it to students that forgot their ballet tights and that were wearing the incorrect attire, but she never went through with it. And now here I was at 30 looking like a swimmer that had stumbled into a ballet class. I contemplated doing it in my trackies, but they are so bulky you can’t dance properly anyhow! So I thought ‘YOLO, it’s not like you’re naked!’ And god-damn it was liberating! I can’t say how liberating it was for the person standing behind me though….