In a few months I turn 30. Whilst most people dread it, I am actually looking forward to it. I feel fortunate to make it to this age as so many don’t get the opportunity. To mark the occasion, I have decided to finish something that I started 13 years ago…

My family have owned a dance school for more than half a century and as soon as I could walk I was shoved (lovingly) into dance lessons. When i was 17, I was training to complete a major ballet exam. With only a few months to go, I pulled out, deciding that I wanted a social life instead. All those years of hard work thrown away to hang out with some stoners on a beach. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

It’s a decision I have always regretted. It was a waste of talent and energy, not just my own but my teachers as well. One of my teachers being my Nan, so double the disappointment!

Just like bell bottom flares, I am making a comeback. I’m doing this for myself, for my Nan and for all of you out there that gave up on a dream for whatever reason. I want to prove that you’re never too old (or fat) to DO WHAT YOU LOVE.


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