Dancing with Diabetes



1 in 10 women worldwide are affected by Polycystic Ovarian Sydrome (PCOS). I happen to be one of those women. I was diagnosed around 19 years old, but didn’t take my diagnosis too seriously. My main concern was the fact that I was starting to get more body hair than Chewbacca and not so much the serious health problems that PCOS can lead to…like diabetes.

A few years ago I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and put on a low GI diet. The timing couldn’t have been worse as a month later I moved to Paris. You can imagine how well my low GI diet went in the land of croissant! Anyway, I was put on Metformin, but found it wasn’t working for me. A few years later, I decided to see a naturopath and that decision turned my life around.

I stopped taking Metformin and began a herbal supplement. It is the most vile thing you have ever tasted in your life but it is worth the gagging! And so began a grain free existence. Completely cutting grain out of my life was insanely hard. For the first few months I was curled in the foetal position begging for a crumb of toast. I was known as the vegemite kid and lived off sandwiches. But ditching the grain managed to stabilise my insulin levels. And I have never felt better.

The grain free life isn’t for everyone, but for me, overhauling my diet has improved my overall health ten fold. I also have to exercise for the rest of my life to control and ward off diabetes…lucky I am a Personal Trainer.

Remember, I am a dancer not a doctor, so please consult yours before making any lifestyle changes.

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